We have the benefit of a large enclosed garden offering many activities:-

The children receive breakfast, snack, a two course hot meal and tea every day.  We have our own cook who makes our home made main courses and desserts. The menu is on a rota, to enable the children have a varied, healthy diet.

Nursery Kitchen and Food

Our children can confidentially progress in a caring environment.  Each child's development will be tracked and monitor whilst working through EYFS curriculum, to ensure that when they leave the nursery they are more than ready for their next journey at school.

In the toddler room the children will be nurtured to ensure they are happy and well cared for. They are  encouraged to progress in their learning through play, with the emphasis on language development and social skills.

Pre-school Room, 2-5 year olds

We have a ratio of 1 adult per 3 children in the baby room. This is to ensure that each child is

given as much attention as needed, to help them feel as safe and secure as they do at home.

Toddler Room, 1-2 year olds

Baby Room, 0-1 year olds

Honeypot Day Nursery Ltd

The period from birth to five is described as the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  Our curriculum is planned around these goals, which are designed to help your child with their development and learning.   A Keyworker system is implemented and your child will be allocated to a member of staff when starting at the nursery.  We will record the progress of your child in a "Learning Journal".  We encourage parents to record comments and questions in the journal to help with the progress of your child. 

Sandpit  and Timber yard

Our Garden

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Enclosed safety area for the under 2 year olds

Shingle pit and water play.

The majority of children's learning is centered around activities called 'play'.  We have created an extensive list of play activities and experiences that relate to these 'learning goals'.

From a very early age your child will benefit from this structured by informal environment of play and learning here at Honeypots.

Swings and Slide

We use individual teaching plans to enable us to help your child achieve these goals.  It is essential that they are given variety, taking in to account their particular interests.  We use a large range of toys and activities to aid learning, including using the computer for learning programs.

We at Honeypot Day Nursery Ltd. aim to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment where your child will receive high quality care and learning experiences.